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NCWA NationĀ­al Qualifying Bids Announced

| Bryan Knepper

The NCWA had significant growth this season, both in the men's and women's divisions. The men's numbers have returned to pre-pandemic levels and added a 9th conference: the Puerto Rico Conference; while the Women's division continues to grow in popularity. As such, the NCWA Tournament Committee has released an increase in National Qualifying bids to account for the growth. In total there are 571 possible qualifications spots open for the Men in this year's NCWA National Championships in San Juan, Puerto Rico with unlimited qualification for the Women's Division.

The Women's Division currently has an open qualification to Nationals (no limitations), but requires Conference Qualification. The Men's Division requires a placement in the Conference tournament or to be awarded a Wild Card spot. Here are the bids for the Men's Division for each conference (which are partly based on total # of athletes and partly on strength of conference):

Great Lakes Conference (GLC): Automatic bids per Weight Class = 5 / Wild Card bids = 15
Mid-Atlantic Conference (MAC): Auto = 6 / WC = 14
Mid-East Conference (MEC): Auto = 6 / WC = 14
Northeast Conference (NEC): Auto = 6 / WC = 14
Northwest Conference (NWC): Auto = 5 / WC = 15
Puerto Rico Conference (PRC): Auto = 2 / WC = 11
Southeast Conference (SEC): Auto = 3 / WC = 11
Southwest Conference (SWC): Auto = 3 / WC = 11
West Coast Conference (WCC): Auto = 5 / WC = 15