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Women’s Wrestling team started at MIT

| Suleman Thaniana

This upcoming year, MIT will be sponsoring its first-ever Women’s Wrestling team — a step in the right direction, according to Coach Donald McNeil, who said, “I see that there is a clear need to have separate men’s and women’s teams.”

The sport of wrestling dates back to

Grays Har­bor Wrestlers Named to North­west Conference All-Time Team

| Ryan Sparks

Six Grays Harbor wrestlers were named to the National Collegiate Wrestling Association’s All-Time Team, the organization announced last week.

The Chokers have been the dominant program since joining the NCWA Northwest Conference in 2016. Grays Harbor has won the conference title in each of its five seasons and was the NCWA national runner-up with six All-Americans in 2020.

The full list can be viewed at

202122 Wrestling Sea­son Full Speed Ahead


After a year long break due to the pandemic lockdowns, the NCWA 2021-22 season is planned to be at a 100% participation this year. The 2022 Conference Tournaments will be held February 25th with the National Collegiate Wrestling Championships on March 10th, 11th & 12th in Allen, Texas.

At this year's Vision Forum, the Board of Directors cleared a proposal to sponsor both a men's and separate women’s National Duals scheduled for January 21 & 22.

The Men's Championship will be held in Virginia at Liberty University while the Women’s Nationals will be on the West Coast at University of Southern California, along with the Men’s Regional Duals.

Team registrations for the upcoming season are now open and the athlete roster registrations will begin in mid September.

NCWA Sum­mer Vision Forum Announced


The annual NCWA Rules & Coaches Convention gives leaders the opportunity to network, collaborate and build lasting relationships around the sport they all love. All NCWA Coaches, Officials & Leaders are encouraged to attend and to make their voices heard. The NCWA is the most coach centered governing body within the wrestling community and this upcoming Vision Forum is one of the best ways the association can take relevant coaches input and develop comprehensive, wrestling friendly rules, best practices, scheduling and a long term direction. We look forward to hosting you in Dallas this year. We have a limited number of discounted rooms so >>>> REGISTER TODAY <<<< before the rates increase

NCWA Not Spon­sor­ing a 2021 Winter Semester Season


On Sunday December 27th the NCWA Board of Directors met for the third time to determine the outlook for the delayed 2021 Winter Season. After a brief discussion with each conference chairman concerning their respective conference teams ability to participate it was determined that...

2021 Sea­son Outlook

| Jim Giunta

As we move closer to the January Deadline for teams to declare their ability to participate the 2021 wrestling season there are a few points we need to reiterate:
1. Any teams that are currently competing in 2020 are not under the authority of the NCWA and are not held to NCWA rules. This period of time should continue to be treated as pre-season and not subject to use of eligibility nor is any participating school insured by the NCWA.

2. All athletes that compete this in 2020-21 season will not be using any eligibility. This entire season is considered by the NCWA as a redshirt season.

3. We currently have 8 registered Universities with an additional 10 committing to competing in 2021. This number of 18 still falls far short of the 50 teams needed to launch an NCWA wrestling season in 2021

4. The deadline of January 8th for team registration is one month away. We encourage all teams that believe they will be able to compete in 2021 to reach out ASAP to the NCWA to make their intentions known. >>> Email [email protected] to help us reach our 50 team 2021 season threshold.

Amer­i­can Wrestler : Athlete Spotlight

| Jeff McCall

Intro: "Athlete Spotlight" Blog section is a section that has been created as a way to shine light on upcoming, established, and inspiring wrestling athletes. Today we are happy to have Robert H

Wrestling Returns to Campus

| JJ Anderson

After a near four-decade long hiatus, wrestling is back at Linfield.
Freshman Abram Nelson came to Linfield with 14 years of wrestling experience. Although he loved Linfield from day one, he felt like something was missing when he got to campus: a wrestling team. Nelson comes from a family of Linfield alumni, so when he attended football games growing up, he would try to convince former Linfield presidents to begin a wrestling program.
After approaching ASLU with his long sought-after goal, Nelson finally.....

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