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HillsĀ­dale ColĀ­lege Adds Wrestling: A New Era of Athletic Excellence

| Jim Giunta

Hillsdale College, located in Hillsdale, Michigan, is set to embark on an exciting journey as it introduces wrestling as a competitive sport for the first time. The college, renowned for its commitment to academic excellence and a strong work ethic, has long recognized the benefits of wrestling, such as fostering character, discipline, and mental toughness. With the appointment of Head Coach Jeffery Rogers, the Hillsdale Chargers are ready to make their mark on the wrestling scene.

For the last few years, Hillsdale has offered wrestling as a non-competitive club, allowing students to experience the sport's numerous advantages. However, recognizing the potential to take their wrestling program to new heights, Hillsdale College has decided to join the Great Lakes Conference and field an NCWA team for the upcoming 2023-24 season. This strategic move demonstrates the college's commitment to providing its student athletes with opportunities for growth and success.

Leading the Chargers for Hillsdale College wrestling is Head Coach Jeffery Rogers. In addition to his coaching responsibilities, Rogers also serves as the Assistant Dean of Students for the college. This dual role allows him to bring a unique perspective to the wrestling program, focusing not only on the athletes' athletic development but also on their personal growth and character building. With his extensive experience and dedication, Rogers is poised to guide the team through its early growing pains and on to greatness.

The National Collegiate Wrestling Association (NCWA) Executive Director, Jim Giunta, expressed excitement about Hillsdale College joining the NCWA Family of Schools. Giunta praised Hillsdale for its strong Christian values, outstanding history and political science departments, and its unwavering commitment to patriotism and preserving the Constitutional Democracy. The college's refusal to accept federal funds further exemplifies its dedication to staying true to its founding principles. Giunta believes that Hillsdale College's entry into the NCWA will bring forth talented athletes from the rich wrestling traditions of Michigan, as well as neighboring states such as Ohio and Indiana.

The addition of wrestling to Hillsdale College's athletic offerings is an exciting development for both the college and the wrestling community. With its emphasis on character development and academic excellence, Hillsdale is well-positioned to produce exceptional student-athletes who excel not only on the wrestling mat but also in life. By embracing this new sport, Hillsdale College demonstrates its commitment to providing its students with opportunities to compete at a high level while upholding the values that define the institution.