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NovemĀ­ber 2nd Set For Team Registrations

| Jim Giunta

Beginning on Monday November 2nd NCWA teams will begin registering with a goal to get a minimum of 50 Competition Committed teams before January 1st. The NCWA Board of Directors set January 1st as the deadline to determine if there are enough member schools backing their wrestling programs to begin competition in 2021 and to hold the 2021 National Championships. Coaches are greatly encouraged to register their teams as early as possible beginning Monday. As soon as we reach the 50 team threshold NCWA official practice and preseason competition may begin. The official season can begin on January 1st but only if the 50 team threshold has been met. It is critical that all coaches meet with their administration and get commitments on the teams blessing to compete as soon as possible. Only teams that have submitted applications with administration signatures and have paid dues will be counted toward the 50 team threshold. The NCWA looks forward to a great, safe and competitive 2021 wrestling season.