NCWA Women's Rankings - 11.28.18

November 28, 2018 | Bryan Knepper

The inaugural women's rankings are finally here!  The women's division has grown by nearly double from last year, which has allowed hte NCWA to produce rankings.  Several teams in the Northwest, Southwest, and West Coast Conferences have been wrestling for 3 weeks already getting a head start on the rest of the competition.

With the exception of the 101-lb and 116-lb weight classes, each of last year's National Champions is set to return.  The 4x National Champion and MOW, Samantha Frank of Maine can no longer compete, which opens up the 101-lb weight class.  Multiple-time Champions return at 130-lbs and 170-lbs with Marina Goocher (3x) and Cendall Manley (2x) looking to become the 2nd and 3rd 4x Champions in the Women's Division.  No wrestler has won 4 championships in the Men's Division to this date.

The top individuals at each weight class include the following: 101 - Maria Reyes (Fr, Big Bend CC, 7-4), 109 - Ivy Navarro (So, SW Oregon CC, 7-0), 116 - Cynthia Ramirez (So, Grays Harbor, 10-1), 123 - Victoria Smith (So, SW Oregon CC, 0-0), 130 - Marina Goocher (Sr, Michigan - Dearborn, 1-2), 136 - Olivia DeMars (So, SW Oregon CC, 0-0), 143 - Shannon Ripley (Jr, Husson, 0-0, ), 155 - Maxine Knetter (Jr, Wisconsin, 0-0), 170 - Cendall Manley (Jr, Liberty, 0-0), 191 - Leilani Camargo-Naone (So, Midland, 0-0).

The top teams are determined by a sliding point scale (8 pts for #1 down to 1 pt for #8).  The top-10 include #1 Southwest Oregon CC (which has won the last 7 National Titles from 2012-2018 after Yakima Valley won the first three from 2009-2011), #2 Grays Harbor, #3 Big Bend CC and Richland, #5 Springfield Tech, #6 Colorado State, #7t Houston-Downtown, Liberty, and Midland, and #10 Fresno State, Maine, and North Texas.

A full tally of the inaugural NCWA Women's Rankings can be found here: Ncwa Rankings 11 28 18 Womens