NCWA Leadership Returns From Vision Forum

August 06, 2017 | Scott Farrell

DAYTONA BEACH, Fla. – The NCWA welcomed 25 coaches and staff members to the Hilton Daytona Beach Resort for its annual Vision Forum conference. The NCWA representatives discussed multiple segments of the upcoming season and future seasons over three days of meetings and legislation.

The major topics proposed for review or revision regarded eligibility standards, new programs’ initial conference placement, transition teams and their invitations to postseason events, allowing for extra matches at NCWA events that will count on a wrestler’s season record, this season’s site choices for NCWA Championship events as well as future events, among others.  

The NCWA Vision Forum was held in conjunction with the annual NWCA Convention, and several NCWA coaches attended seminars, briefings and social events with the rest of the nation’s coaches.

The final version of the Vision Forum minutes is under review by the NCWA Executive Board, and will be published on this website when complete.

The attendees at the Vision Forum were:

Conference Representatives

Henry Marsh (New Hampshire coach and Northeast Conference)

Rick Bulhuis (Grand Valley State coach and Great Lakes Conference)

Micah Amrozowicz (Apprentice coach and Mid-Atlantic Conference)

Phillip Pine (Grays Harbor coach and Northwest Conference)

J.D. Robbins (Central Florida coach and Southeast Conference)

Evan Hess (Cal State Northridge coach and West Coast Conference)

Dalton Souders (NCWA Staff and Southwest Conference)

Not represented: Mideast Conference and Great Plains Conference


Jesse Castro (Liberty coach)

Bryan Knepper (Toledo coach and NCWA Compliance Chairman)

Kevin Andres (NCWA Compliance Chairman)

Barry Bernstein (Colorado State coach)

Chris Williamson (Liberty assistant coach)

Brad Nelson (RPI coach)

Drew Wilson (Utah State)

Wayne Briggs (Dixie State)

Scott Sherman (NCWWA)

Calvin Cook (Central Florida coach)

Matthew Dunton (South Florida coach)

Grant MacKenzie (Henry Ford College coach)

Winston Ruffin (Mott CC coach)

Lelan Brotherman (NCWA Secretary and Treasurer)

Chase Giunta (NCWA Communications)

Scott Farrell (NCWA Sports Information Director)

Ryan Jessee (NCWA Gear)

Jim Giunta (NCWA Executive Director)