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101 Placers
143 Placers
191 Placers
LBS Winner Result Loser Score/Time
101 Alex Uribe (University of the Cumberlands) Pin Emilly Atia (UCFW) 1:01
101 Brianna Richey (Dubuque) Technical Fall Caley Kling (CSUW) 12-1
101 Brianna Richey (Dubuque) Pin Emilly Atia (UCFW)
101 Leah Ford (Unattached) Pin Emilly Atia (UCFW) 1:10
101 Caley Kling (CSUW) Pin Alex Uribe (University of the Cumberlands) 2:10
101 Caley Kling (CSUW) Pin Emilly Atia (UCFW) 1:31
101 Leah Ford (Unattached) Pin Caley Kling (CSUW) 4:15
109 Nina Zimmerman (Missouri Baptist) Pin Katelyn LoCastro (UCFW) 2:57
109 Hope Chiatello (Wartburg) Pin Katelyn LoCastro (UCFW) 1:44
109 Nadia Alejandres (Oklahoma City) Pin Katelyn LoCastro (UCFW) 1:13
109 Lilliam Hackworth (Missouri Baptist) Decision Katelyn LoCastro (UCFW) 16-8
123 Aspen Blasko (Unattached) Pin Leah Ben-Israel (UCFW) 1:19
123 Leah Ben-Israel (UCFW) Pin Wachipi Hamelryck (Oklahoma City) 1:14
123 Mateah Roehl (Unattached) Technical Fall Leah Ben-Israel (UCFW) 10-0
123 Hanna Simoes (Grand View) Pin Leah Ben-Israel (UCFW) 2:21
123 Khylie Wainwright (Wartburg) Technical Fall Leah Ben-Israel (UCFW) 10-0
143 Anastacia Fucci (CSUW) Decision Corin Lowe (Oklahoma City) 10-2
143 Anastacia Fucci (CSUW) Technical Fall Tatum Levendahl (Dubuque) 10-0
143 Aniyah Kelly (Wartburg) Pin Anastacia Fucci (CSUW) 4:05
170 Kami Senlycki (Wartburg) Technical Fall Carin Abdelnour (UCFW) 10-0
170 Brianna Seixas (Dubuque) Technical Fall Carin Abdelnour (UCFW) 11-0
191 Grace Fort (Cornell College) Pin Katherine Meza (UCFW) 2:42
191 Katherine Meza (UCFW) Pin Emersen Smith (Wartburg) 3:06