NCWA Mission Statement

"Dedicated to Expanding Athletic Opportunity to Tomorrow's Leaders"

The NCWA was created to fill a gap in today's wrestling community. Many institutions have lost their NCAA wrestling programs (see: Lost Programs) due to outside influences such as budgetary cutbacks or governmental legislation. Although participation interest among students remains high, many schools have been forced to offer their students fewer opportunities inside their athletic departments. The NCWA has stepped in to help provide alternative participation opportunities to the increasing number of high school seniors searching for continued wrestling competition in college.

Despite the fact that wrestling is the fastest growing male interscholastic sport, many colleges and universities have been unable to offer wrestling opportunities for incoming students within their athletic departments. The NCWA helps to build programs under the student services or recreational sports departments of universities. We provide a national governing body for competition, communication and promotion of collegiate style wrestling and operate as the only collegiate athletic governing body devoted exclusively to the sport of wrestling.

With college wrestling at its most limited level in history, and more wrestling athletes graduating from high school than ever before, the opportunity for colleges to attract top-notch students by offering a wrestling program through the NCWA has never been greater. We are committed to a vision that has at its core increased athletic opportunity for all students. Our hope is to provide a spawning ground for new wrestling teams. Teams that draw students who will chose an institution of higher education for its academic excellence, not just it's athletic offerings.

Since the university is not required to add members to its athletic department, it can properly balance opportunity ratios. In addition, because student athletes themselves primarily fund the teams there are limited university budgetary concerns. If and when a school does have room for athletic expansion, it is our hope that since the wrestling program will be up and running, and in compliance with NCAA rules, that it will be among the first choices for inclusion in the schools athletic curriculum.

The NCWA was founded in 1997 with the student athlete in mind. We are composed of non-paid volunteers committed to helping our young people accomplish their goals and dreams, and to reach for excellence in everything they do. Through athletic endeavor, leadership responsibilities and community involvement, NCWA student athletes will leave college life to meet a competitive world head on. They will have been equipped through their academic involvement and athletic success to take the competition to the mat, score and emerge a champion.

We encourage you to take the next step in expanding the way your school sees student involvement in athletics. Join us in changing lives.

Jim Giunta