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109 Placers
116 Placers
123 Placers
130 Placers
136 Placers
155 Placers
170 Placers
191 Placers
LBS Winner Result Loser Score/Time
109 Allicia Māhoe (SCHUW) Technical Fall Jolie Lucas (McKendree) 15-5
109 Valerie Carreon (McKendree) Pin Allicia Māhoe (SCHUW) 1:30
109 Allicia Māhoe (SCHUW) Technical Fall Dorinda Andrews (Univ of the Cumberlands) 10-0
116 Jazelyn Ruelas (SCHUW) Pin Kaelynn Dougherty (Univ of the Cumberlands) 1:31
116 Kasey Banyon (Unattached) Technical Fall Jazelyn Ruelas (SCHUW) 10-0
116 Jazelyn Ruelas (SCHUW) Technical Fall Jordan Jarvi (Gannon) 10-0
116 Katherine Sumner (McKendree) Technical Fall Jazelyn Ruelas (SCHUW) 12-1
123 Kamille Begeal (SCHUW) Pin Ingri Ramirez (Augsburg) 0:11
123 Payton Stroud (McKendree) Technical Fall Kamille Begeal (SCHUW) 10-0
123 Allie Māhoe (SCHUW) Forfeit Niomi Briones (Life) 0:00
123 Kamille Begeal (SCHUW) Decision Niomi Briones (Life) 7-2
123 Ingri Ramirez (Augsburg) Forfeit Allie Māhoe (SCHUW) 0:00
123 Payton Stroud (McKendree) Forfeit Allie Māhoe (SCHUW) 0:00
123 Kamille Begeal (SCHUW) Forfeit Allie Māhoe (SCHUW) 0:00
130 Ashley Ikner (Univ of the Cumberlands) Pin Cassy Favela (SCHUW) 1:24
130 Cassy Favela (SCHUW) Decision Paige Cook (Gannon) 8-4
130 Alex Herle (Emmanuel) Pin Cassy Favela (SCHUW) 2:49
130 Cassy Favela (SCHUW) Pin Elizabeth Chagolla (Unattached) 1:33
130 Kendall Bostelman (Unattached) Pin Cassy Favela (SCHUW) 0:26
136 Alicia Pieper (Unattached) Pin Serena Cervantes (SCHUW)
136 Serenity Thomas (TOLW) Pin Caroline Camarillo (Gannon) 2:15
136 Serena Cervantes (SCHUW) Decision Serenity Thomas (TOLW) 10-2
136 Serena Cervantes (SCHUW) Pin Caroline Camarillo (Gannon) 2:05
136 Serenity Thomas (TOLW) Technical Fall Sydney Sims (Adrian) 12-1
136 Serena Cervantes (SCHUW) Technical Fall Jessica Torres (Univ of the Cumberlands) 12-2
136 Alicia Pieper (Unattached) Decision Serenity Thomas (TOLW) 2-1
136 Serena Cervantes (SCHUW) Pin Sydney Sims (Adrian) 0:29
136 Jessica Torres (Univ of Cumberlands) Decision Serenity Thomas (TOLW) 12-12 PAS
143 Mackayla Rosales (SCHUW) Decision Elizabeth Bound (Life) 12-8
143 Jordan Johnston (SCHUW) Technical Fall Taylor Cooks (Life) 10-0
143 Emma Matia (Life) Pin Mackayla Rosales (SCHUW) 0:55
143 Jordan Johnston (SCHUW) Pin Jezebel Garcia (Gannon) 0:44
143 Mackayla Rosales (SCHUW) Technical Fall Kailee Godinez (Univ of Cumberlands) 22-12
143 Mackayla Rosales (SCHUW) Pin Taylor Whitehurst (Univ of Cumberlands) 1:49
143 Jordan Johnston (SCHUW) Technical Fall Emma Matia (Life) 10-0
155 Kayla Marano (Unattached) Pin Brianna Jones (SCHUW) 0:24
155 Hailey Budney (Univ of Cumberlands) Forfeit Megan Thomas (SCHUW)
155 Kayla Marano (Unattached) Forfeit Megan Thomas (SCHUW)
155 Brianna Jones (SCHUW) Pin Hailey Budney (Univ of Cumberlands) 4:26
155 Brianna Jones (SCHUW) Forfeit Megan Thomas (SCHUW)
170 Mikayla Mata (SCHUW) Pin Jane Allen (Life) 1:10
170 Hannah Gladden (Unattached) Pin Mikayla Mata (SCHUW) 0:26
170 Mikayla Mata (SCHUW) Pin Daniela Morales (Gannon) 5:58
170 Mikayla Mata (SCHUW) Forfeit Taylor Cutler (Adrian)
170 Jasmin Clarke (Life) Technical Fall Mikayla Mata (SCHUW) 11-0
191 Catherine Palmieri (Life) Technical Fall Miriam De La Garza (SCHUW) 10-0
191 Catherine Palmieri (Life) Pin Miriam De La Garza (SCHUW) 0:53