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North Central Conference:

Chairman: Rick Bolhuis Grand Valley State University [email protected] Commissioner / Compliance: Ken White Bowling Green State University [email protected] Development / Treasurer: Dave Mills Grand Valley State University [email protected] Conference SID: Brian Church The Ohio State University [email protected]

Northeast Conference:

Chairman: Jonathan Ulrich Northeastern University [email protected] Commissioner / Compliance: Henry Marsh University of New Hampshire [email protected] Development / Treasurer: Stephen Shaw SUNY - Albany [email protected] Conference SID: Mark Quagliato Northampton Community College [email protected]

Mid-Atlantic Conference:

Chairman: Matt Butler The Apprentice School [email protected] Commissioner / Compliance: Mike Hornzell University of Maryland - Baltimore County [email protected] Development / Treasurer: Bryan Knepper Middle Tennessee State University [email protected] Conference SID: Nathan Casperson Southern Virginia University [email protected]

Southeast Conference:

Chairman: Scott Sherman University of Central Florida [email protected] Commissioner / Compliance: Kevin Andres Mercer University [email protected] Development / Treasurer: Dave Mathews Mercer University [email protected] Conference SID: Dr. Reid Derr East Georgia University [email protected]

Southwest Conference:

Chairman: Jeff McCall University of Texas at Arlington [email protected] Commissioner / Compliance: Bob Moore University of Texas at Austin [email protected] Development / Treasurer: Beau Tillman Kansas State University [email protected] Conference SID: Fareed Nawwa Louisiana State University [email protected]

West Coast Conference:

Chairman: Robert Redman San Jose State University [email protected] Commissioner / Compliance: P. J. Rovinelli University of Arizona [email protected] Development / Treasurer: Isaac Pumarejo California State University - Fresno [email protected] Conference SID: Eric Bellas University of California - San Diego [email protected]

Northwest Conference:

Northwest Conference - Women's Division: