Will Foschi

  • Win Percentage: N/A
  • Wins By Pin: 0
  • Wins By Tech Fall: 0
  • Wins By Major Decision: 0
  • High School: Pomperaug Regional High School (Southbury, CT)

Match Records

Result Opponent Score/Time Event Date
Lost by Decision EX Patrick St Martin | UMASS 16-9 University of Massachusetts Amherst vs. University of Connecticut 10/27/2018
Lost by Major Decision Jessup Pawelczyk (USCGA) 11-2 Ted Reese Invitational 12/1/2018
Lost by Major Decision Joe Galusha (Castleton) 10-0 Ted Reese Invitational 12/1/2018
* Record calculated from current dual & tournament results input

NCWA Points: 0