Liberty University 37 v The Apprentice School 9       Middle Tennessee State University 26 v University of Central Florida 21       Grand Valley State University 41 v Marion Military Institute 14       Wayne State College 1 v University of North Florida 0       University of Toledo 27 v University of Florida 33       University of South Florida 18 v University of Texas at Arlington 45       University of North Texas 37 v University of Connecticut 15       University of Maryland / Baltimore County 30 v Texas A&M University 12       University of North Texas 39 v University of Maryland / Baltimore County 22       University of Connecticut 76 v Texas A&M University 56       

United States Air Force Academy Prep Results

United States Air Force Academy Prep 21
Northwest Tech 15
Colorado Springs, CO

125Alex Akers (NT) Pin Matthew Presutti (USA)
141Cody Hancock (USA) Pin Chad Kochenower (NT)
165Caleb Crump (NT) Pin Garrett Wells (USA)
174Garrett Wells (USA) Pin Lorenzo Delgado (NT)
184Ryan Howe (USA) Maj Lorenzo Delgado (NT)
197Taylor Wuthnow (NT) Dec Ryan Howe (USA)
285Bentley Alsup (USA) Def Ricky Valdez (NT)
Officiated by: Fred Marjerrison (Non-Registered Official)

Northwest Tech 12 v United States Air Force Academy Prep 41 10/28/11
United States Air Force Academy Prep 21 v Northwest Tech 15 1/27/11