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Washtenaw Community College Results

Washtenaw Community College 10
University of Michigan 27
Ann Arbor, MI

133Zachary Vatalare (UOM) Dec Greg Stauffer (WCC) 7-1
149Case Kittel (UOM) FF (WCC)
165Nick Mason (WCC) Maj William Royster (UOM) 17-5
174Alex Engebretson (UOM) FF (WCC)
184Zachary Dieterle (UOM) FF (WCC)
235Luis Villa (WCC) Pin Roger Khouri (UOM) 5:17
285Humphrey Akujobi (UOM) FF (WCC)
Officiated by: Eric Hebestreit (NCWA Official)

Washtenaw Community College 10 v University of Michigan 27 02/20/14
Washtenaw Community College 9 v Henry Ford Community College 8 02/13/14
Washtenaw Community College 2 v University of Michigan - Dearborn 0 02/13/14