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Washington State University Results

Tournament:Mike Clock Open
Location:Pacific University , OR
Tournament Brackets Link:http://s202.trackwrestling.com/tw/opentournaments/MainFrame.jsp?newSession=false&sport=wrestling&TIM=1384241048645&pageName=&ie=false&frameSize=587
125 Top 3 Individuals
1.Joe PalmerOregon State
2.Ronnie BresserUnattached
3.Skylar DavisSimon Fraser
133 Top 3 Individuals
1.Drew VanArnooyOregon State
2.Cary PalmerClackamas CC
3.Isaiah HurtadoSan Francisco State
141 Top 3 Individuals
1.Joey Delgado Oregon State
2.Dillion PhillipySan Francisco State
3.Mat GayUnattached
149 Top 3 Individuals
1.Kenny MartinClackamas CC
2.Reed VanAnrooyOregon State
3.Conrad Snell San Francisco State
157 Top 3 Individuals
1.Rj PenaOregon State
2.Jordan HenricksonOregon State Unattached
3.Eleazar DeLucaClackamas CC
165 Top 3 Individuals
1.Alex ElderOregon State
2.Toney ChayOregon State Unattached
3.Seth ThomasOregon State Unattached
174 Top 3 Individuals
1.Joe LathamOregon State
2.Keaton SubjeckStanford
3.Justin MarbleUnattached
184 Top 3 Individuals
1.Adrian SalasClackamas CC
2.Michael SojkaStanford
3.Caleb MalychewskiPacific University
197 Top 3 Individuals
1.Taylor MeeksOregon State
2.Ihoghwama OdighizuwaClackamas CC
3.Tyler CormierHighline CC
285 Top 3 Individuals
1.Amar DhesiOregon State
2.Nathan ButlerStanford
3.Mick DougharityOregon State Unattached

Coaches Comments:
WSU performed well for the first outing of the Year Dave Stratton 4th

Reported by: Chris Gambino of Washington State University

Brackets: Click Here

Central Washington University 18 v Washington State University 33 11/15/14
Central Washington University 18 v Washington State University 30 11/15/14
Mike Clock Open 11/9/14
Boxer Open 1/25/14
Spokane Open 11/24/13
Mike Clock Open 11/10/13
Oregon National Guard Open 1/20/13
2013 NCWA Washington State Championship 2/24/13
Spokane Open 11/18/12