Liberty University 37 v The Apprentice School 9       Middle Tennessee State University 26 v University of Central Florida 21       Grand Valley State University 41 v Marion Military Institute 14       Wayne State College 1 v University of North Florida 0       University of Toledo 27 v University of Florida 33       University of South Florida 18 v University of Texas at Arlington 45       University of North Texas 37 v University of Connecticut 15       University of Maryland / Baltimore County 30 v Texas A&M University 12       University of North Texas 39 v University of Maryland / Baltimore County 22       University of Connecticut 76 v Texas A&M University 56       

Tallahassee Community College Results

University of South Florida 41
Tallahassee Community College 6
Jacksonville, FL

133Ryan Hall (UOS) Pin Ian Geda (TCC) 0:52
149Elliott Morales (UOS) FF (TCC)
157Wyeth Whitehurst (UOS) Pin Jerry Bazilme (TCC) 6:00
165Joshua Jefferies (UOS) Tech Edwyn Brown (TCC) 17-1
174Shannon Smith (UOS) FF (TCC)
184Tyler Reed (UOS) Pin Dennis Francisque (TCC) 2:17
235William Smith (UOS) FF (TCC)
285Rickey Carter (TCC) FF (UOS)
Officiated by: Tournament Referee (Non-Registered Official)

Tallahassee Community College 0 v Marion Military Institute 64 2/16/13
Tallahassee Community College 6 v University of Florida 40 2/16/13
Tallahassee Community College 12 v University of South Florida 48 2/16/13
Florida A&M University 35 v Tallahassee Community College 15 02/15/13
University of South Florida 41 v Tallahassee Community College 6 1/26/13
Seminole/Rattler/Eagle Invitational Tour 2/11/2012