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Lansing Community College Coaching Staff

Name:Shane Tisdale
School:Lansing Community College
Years Coaching:14
Achievements:All Area - Honor Roll nomination, LSJ, 88

Grand Champion - AAU Ironman, 3 styles, 01

Selectee, ALL ARMY Wrestling tryouts, WCAP(FS),02

State Champion, Freestyle, MUSAW(FS), 06

Head Coach, MYWA National Team, 2006

Coordinator, LCC Wrestling Club, 2003-present

Gold Level Coach Candidate, USA Wrestling, NCEP
(at present)

Multipe board/meetings experience, service including the following:

*President, LCC Wrestling Club
*Director of Communications, MI. Wrestling Club
*VP - Central Region (Founder), MYWA
*Member, Capital City Wrestling Club
*Chair, Camp Tisdale (present)

Coaching Experience:HS, MS, Club, and obviously now college "club" experience in wrestling = 13 years, Folkstyle

State, Regionally, to National level coaching experience in Freestyle and Greco-Roman, males AND FEMALES

International coaching/spectating while working on Silver Level Coaching College certification with USA Wrestling (2002 - present):

Cuba, Hungary, China

Multiple class, camps, clinics organized since 1997, including current at current facility, personally run at Camp Tisdale Community Center, in Lansing, Michigan.