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University of Minnesota - Duluth Results

University of Minnesota - Duluth 9
Itasca Community College 39
Duluth, MN

125Justin Valhuerd (ICC) Tech Che Her (UOM) 17-1
133 (ICC) FF (UOM)
141Casey Williams (ICC) Tech Mike Martchev (UOM) 18-2
149 (ICC) FF (UOM)
157David Booth (ICC) Dec Ryan Silbernick (UOM) 3-0
165Connor Monk (ICC) Tech Samuel Hise (UOM) 16-1
174John Grygelko (UOM) Pin Kevin Johnson (ICC) :44
184Matthew Beelher (ICC) Pin Benjamin Goebel (UOM) 4:35
197Spencer Corey (ICC) Dec TJ Lewis (UOM) 9-6
285Ryan Karl (UOM) Dec Antonio Griffin (ICC) 8-3
Officiated by: Cal Stanke (NCWA Official)

Itasca Community College 11 v University of Minnesota - Duluth 19 11/06/13
University of Minnesota - Duluth 9 v Itasca Community College 39 11/3/2011
Laker Open 2011 1/22/11
Winona State University Invite 1/29/11