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Central Washington University Coaching Staff

Name:Erik Idler
School:Central Washington University
Years Coaching:
Achievements:Central Washington University Wrestling is proud to welcome back Eric Idler as the head wrestling coach of the team. Idler coached the Wildcats from 1989-1998, throughout his tenure he coached 37 All Americans. After leaving Central in 1998 he served as a wrestling coach for Ellensburg High school. Idler was the 2008 Washington State 2A Assistant Coach of the year, as well as being honored as the Regional Assistant Coach of the year for the 2011-2012 season.

Coaching Experience:Idler hopes to restore the rich tradition that Central Washington University has in producing great wrestlers. Idler has left a lasting imprint on wrestling in the state of Washington, with a number of his former wrestlers now coaches at various schools in the state. The team is excited about the stability that coach Idler brings. Junior wrestler Steven Alfi said, “I’ve been coaching underneath Eric and Jason (Stevenson) for the past three years and anytime you can get someone of his caliber as your coach, you have to be pretty excited.” Freshman wrestler David Kuich said, “The team is definitely thrilled to have the stability and knowledge that Idler brings. I know just having his presence will bring the intensity up during practice”. Idler said he is still planning to coach at Ellensburg High School next season. However the college and high school schedules don’t overlap so it will make this task manageable for him.