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Eastern Washington University Results

Tournament:Spokane Open
Location:Liberty Lake, WA
Tournament Brackets Link:http://www.twnode4.com/opentournaments/MainFrame.jsp?sport=wrestling&TIM=1321863095531&pageName=&ie=true&frameSize=500
Top 5 Schools
1.University of Great Falls268.0
2.Southern Oregon University183.5
3.Oregon State Unattached166.5
4.SFU Unattached115
5.Montana State Northern112.5
125 Top 3 Individuals
1.Mitchel LofstedtSouthern Oregon University
2.Danny LuttrellUniversity of Great Falls unattached
3.Skylor DavisSimon-Fraser University Unattached
133 Top 3 Individuals
1.Garrett DruckerOregon State Unattached
2.Brock BantaNIC Unattached
3.Luis CarranzaUniversity of Great Falls
141 Top 3 Individuals
1.Anthony VarnellUniversity of Great Falls
2.Anthony HarrisOregon State Unattached
3.Drew Van AnrooyOregon State Unattached
149 Top 3 Individuals
1.Steve HernandezBoise State University
2.Mike VassarUniversity of Great Falls
3.Myles MazurkiewiczUniversity of Great Falls
157 Top 3 Individuals
1.Alex ElderOregon State Unattached
2.Jimmy EggemeyerSouthern Oregon University
3.Michael HaderUniversity of Great Falls
165 Top 3 Individuals
1.Seth ThomasOregon State Unattached
2.Max ArcandSimon-Fraser Unattached
3.Noah HattonUniversity of Great Falls
174 Top 3 Individuals
1.Jared MillerMontana State Northern
2.Kyle SweedmanNorth Idaho College
3.Max PayneMontana State Northern
184 Top 3 Individuals
1.Austin VanderfordSouthern Oregon University
2.Clete HansonSimon-Fraser University unattached
3.Manvir SahotaSimon-Fraser University unattached
197 Top 3 Individuals
1.Evan HinebauchMontana State Northern
2.Kamron JacksonUniversity of Great Falls
3.Travis CrossBurnaby Mountain WC
285 Top 3 Individuals
1.Sears TiernanUniversity of Great Falls
2.Bubba OwensSouthern Oregon University
3.Gurjot KoonerSimon-Fraser University unattached

Coaches Comments:

Reported by: Brandon Stewart of Eastern Washington University

Brackets: Click Here

EWU Open 11/23/2013
Central Washington University 53 v Eastern Washington University 6 2/11/12
Eastern Washington University 24 v University of Montana Western 12 2/6/2016
The Evergreen State College 17 v Eastern Washington University 24 1/26/12
Yakima Valley CC 48 v Eastern Washington University 9 12/10/11
Eastern Washington University 27 v Central Washington University 9 11/19/11
Spokane Open 11/20/2011
Eastern Washington University 27 v Central Washington University 9 11/19/2011