Eastern Washington University Coaching Staff

Name:Nathan Skuza
School:Eastern Washington University
Years Coaching:4
Achievements:My achievements, as a coach, are in the fields of Baseball and wrestling for younger kids. Because those do not apply to the college field, I will not list them.

I will update this at the end of the 2011/12 season, at which point, I am confident, I will have several items to post.

Coaching Experience:I have been given the challenging, yet rewarding, job of rebuilding the once strong presence of wrestling, at EWU. My hope is not only to build a strong, lasting presence at EWU, but I also hope to help put the Spokane/Cheney, WA area on the map as a place to come and wrestle. During the 2012/2013 season, I hope to host a Wrestling tournament, at EWU.
This season, 2011, is my first with a still growing squad. They are talented, hard-working and enthusiastic.
Though I am still a student at EWU, and volunteer as head coach, I bring college wrestling experience, and several years of coaching at various levels.