University of Michigan 30 v University of Pittsburgh 28       University of Notre Dame 13 v University of Michigan 42       Penn State - New Kensington 21 v University of Akron 36       University of Michigan 33 v University of Wisconsin - Madison 22       Penn State University - DuBois 31 v University of Akron 30       Penn State - Fayette 10 v University of Akron 30       University of Toledo 39 v Texas A&M University 18       Pennsylvania State University 33 v Penn State University - DuBois 12       Pennsylvania State University 45 v University of Akron 18       Pennsylvania State University 42 v Penn State - Fayette 9       

The NCWA Officials Bio

David Alder
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Name:David Alder
Address:3414 Country Club Suite #235D
Years Officiated:22
Levels Officiated:High School, College
States Officiated:Texas
Experience:NCAA/NWCA Natl championships/
State High School Championships
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