Dixie State University 29 v Glendale Community College 22       University of Arizona 27 v Dixie State University 31       University of Southern California 25 v Dixie Sate University 33       Wayne State College 66 v University of North Florida 0       Longwood University 24 v Bridgewater College 12       Longwood University 21 v Hampden-Sydney College 12       University of Notre Dame 26 v University of Pittsburgh 24       Wayne State College 20 v Marion Military Institute 33       University of Notre Dame 13 v University of Michigan 42       Wayne State College 19 v The Apprentice School 28       

Quality Through Quantity is Reliable Catch Phrase

06/02/2010 -

The NCWA continues it's rapid expansion and committed strategy to Leadership, Opportunity, Growth & Quality. This Past Season the numbers of college wrestlers competing in the NCWA grew by an amazing 18% while the rest of the college opportunities in wrestling continued to shrink. In addition to more wrestlers we had more Teams, more Coaches and more Volunteers. Last seasons new programs included: University of Michigan, MIT, East Tennessee, Gavilan, Harvard, Hampton, Penn State / DuBois, Wagner & Wayne State. Through Committed leadership at each member institution coaches have expanded their individual lineups and provided more competition opportunities than ever before. But we have only just begun. With NCWA member institutions hoovering at 160 to 170 teams, it's time to make a push to the next level. To move the association into respected competition with the other divisions. NCAA, NAIA, and NJCAA have been respected collegiate divisions for years, but it's time for the NCWA to step into the fold.
More and more of the wrestling community is beginning to understand and embrace the mission and vision of the NCWA. Now it's your turn. It's up to each of us to "Sell" the NCWA to those old inside the box thinkers like I was. It's time for Coaches, Fans & Alumni to see the NCWA for what it is. The best hope to grow new programs at the college level. The NCWA has added an average of 12 teams a year for the past 13 years.... that's an unmatchable record of success. The NCWA will always continue to support our sister associations, we will work to move teams to higher levels of success, and in some cases help push teams to NCAA athletic programs. But that's not happening fast enough. Although Some NCWA teams have matured into NCAA DII and DIII contenders like Newberry or Belmont Abbey, Most programs grow and mature while remaining part of the NCWA, Currently 26 teams are funded through their respective athletic departments. 33 teams offer various forms of athletic scholarships or tuition assistance. Our Leadership Volunteers have found a better way to skin the Title IX cat and grow college teams and opportunities.

Join in and be part of taking college wrestling to the next level

To help with a program near you contact: NCWA Executive director
Jim Giunta at 214-378-8700 x 107 or Jim@ncwa.net