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Good Finsh for BG, and looking good for next year

03/29/2010 -

Upon all that has happened this year, it couldn't of ended with a better result. With the program seeming to be in disarray at the beginning of the year, no one expected the program to stay around. Two Students were left with the wheel to the program and pretty much a dear in the headlights look. They somehow managed to guide this program while also going through school and ROTC. Jerry Matthews and Joshua Paulus took over the program unexpectedly at the beginning of their season.
No one would of said anything if the program failed, but these students new that college kids need a place to wrestle here at BGSU. It's the greatest sport alive and it's a shame that more schools don't realize it as a varsity sport. But never the less, the program continued to improve and provided itís 2nd all American in 5 years. Both coming in back to back years. Greg Burger, 8th place at 2009 nationals, and Mike Perez, 6th place at 2010 Nationals. I see a lot of potential in this team for the 2010-11 season. 4 of the 5 wrestlers were freshmen. All 5 wrestlers will be returning next year, and will look to build BGSU into the dominate program it wants was. In all there should be around 12 wrestlers coming back and there are another 3 past wrestlers in the mix trying to come back next year.
On top of bringing back a solid squad next year, the program has just got word that most of the season will be paid for by the University. A proposal was made to the University 3 months back and was accepted about a week ago. This is means that students worried about the money cost for the program, and the program can spend a little more money on getting into some bigger tournaments.
If you like information on how you can help out the club, or join. Give me a call (915)273-8507 or email me at [email protected] I'm looking for coaches, to assist Troy McLaughin at practices and attending Wrestling meets. Any participation is welcomed; even the small things go a long way. Thanks.