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MTSU travels back to Coach's Roots

02/11/2010 -

The Middle Tennessee State University wrestling team will head to Toledo, Ohio for a quad match this weekend (2/13) with the University of Toledo, Ohio University, and The Ohio State University. This may seem like a minor event except that it will mark the first time since 2002 that Coach Bryan Knepper (MTSU-3rd year) will return to his alma mater for a wrestling match. Knepper started the program in 1997 as part of the newly formed NCWA.

Toledo has had much success at the national level since Knepper left the program including 5 NCWA All-Americans since 2002: (Andrew Iszler, 3rd-285 '02), Leon Lewis (6th-235 '05), David Brighton (4th-149 '06), Adam Murray (1st-197 '06, '07, '08), and Andrew Metzger (5th-235 '08).

MTSU has had its share of success as well with 4 NCWA All-Americans since 2000: Will West (5th-235 '00), Angelo Giasante (2nd-149 '02, 6th-157 '05), Lucas Borneman (2nd-235 '09), and Isaiah Bradley (7th-235 '09).

MTSU will take a group of 15 individuals into the Mid-Atlantic Conference on 2/27/10 at Southern Virginia University looking to build upon the 6 National Qualifiers from 2009. However, in order to get there, the team must first visit the head coach's past.

Wrestling will take place at the University of Toledo Recreation Center from 11:30 am - 5:00 pm Eastern Time.