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Castleton Wrestling Joins North East Conference

01/08/2010 -

CASTLETON, VT. - The Castleton Spartans have had two major athletic additions this year. First was the inaugural season of its NCAA Football team. Now it is the new addition of its Wrestling team joining the NCWA. Castleton State College in Castleton, Vermont, is over 220 years old, and is the 13th oldest college in the Nation.

The college is lead by President Dave Wolk who is very supportive of all collegiate sports, such as Football and Wrestling. Athletic Director Deanna Tyson, has also been very supportive of the new program. The team was founded by two students, Kevin Fleury (President) and Jeremy Cohen (Vice President). Jeremy Cohen will for now be the Head Coach of the team but will also be a wrestler. He says "I am not sure how fast I want to jump into competition this season," he was red shirted at Concordia University for wrestling because of an injury a year ago, “I just want to make sure I can stay healthy so I can have a future in both Football and Wrestling.” So for now Jeremy Cohen along side of Kevin Fleury help get the Wrestling team in shape for its first match that will most likely be in February.

The team has 16 members who are officially on the Castleton roster, but are right now unofficial to the NCWA roster, which will be being worked on during the next month. Some have recent experience, and for some it has been a while, but all of them are eager to get back to school and hit the mat.

The team thanks NCWA Executive Director Jim Giunta for all his help and support. Along with those who are supporting the new program on the campus of Castleton.
“Go Spartans!”

Castleton Spartans Athletics: