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Grand Valley Coach Launches Blockbuster Training System

11/12/2008 -

WIN MAGIZINE - Nov 12, 2008
By Bryan Van Kley...........

I applaud Grand Valley State (an NCWA team from Michigan) coach Dave Mills for a recent product he has brought to wrestling’s coaches. New this fall, Mills has come up with a multi-media package called “How to Build a Championship Wrestling Program.” This is a great resource for any coach, at any level. The program includes a ton of information on almost every issue imagineable that a coach would deal with.
His resource guide, accompanying DVD and CD-ROM walks coaches through subjects like wrestling program goals, a yearly agenda, recruiting forms, team policies and expectations, infection prevention, drilling techniques and tips, weight-management tips, off-season training strategies, fundraising tips and a host of other areas. There’s also coaching advice from other college coaches like Gable, Tom Brands, Tom Borrelli and Tom Krepps. The CD-ROM has all the information from the resource guide, which makes it easy for coaches to print out and customize the information for their own programs.

The program package comes with three DVDs, the main resource guide book, CD-ROM and Greco coach Steve Fraser’s book, “Victory.” The set can be purchased through most major wrestling suppliers, or call Coach Mills directly at 616-262-0654.

Coach Mills has led Grand Valley State to five NCWA club championships (2001, 2002, 2006-2008) and has a passion for coaching coaches.