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Southwest Conference Wrestler Spotlight II

02/15/2008 -

As the Southwest Conference prepares for the conference duals, let us take a moment and get to know one of its rising stars, Ryan Blair.

Ryan Blair is a 2005 graduate from Rockwall High School and is currently attending Texas Tech University in Lubbock, Texas.

Fareed Hawwa: So how many years have you been wrestling?

Ryan Blair: I have been wrestling
for 16 years. My dad introduced me to the sport of wrestling when I
was five years old.

FH: What or who made you decide to ever want to wrestle?

RB: My dad was my biggest influence on why I chose the sport of wrestling. Wrestling was a large part of my dad's life when he was growing up and he has been supporting/coaching me from the beginning of mine.

FH: What is your fondest memory of your wrestling career thus far?

RB: My most appealing memory thus far in my wrestling career was when I won my first Youth Texas State Championships. The finals match went into double overtime and I was able to snag a takedown in the closing seconds to secure the win. I was six years old and only weighed about 40 pounds; the trophy I received was nearly two times as heavy and two times as tall as my whole body.

FH: What do you think separates wrestling from other sports?

RB: Mental toughness. Being able to remain resilient and focused will let you get past things like cutting weight or tough workouts. So, the outcome of your wrestling career will be at the hands of how much effort you are willing to allocate.

FH: What are some of your goals for this year on the mat?

RB: Most importantly, I would like to promote and expand the TTU Wrestling team since I have recently been given the leadership duty for the program. Also, I am determined to be a NCWA National Champion.

FH: Who is your biggest influence?

RB: My biggest influence in my life is my family. My mom and dad have motivated me to do everything to the best of my ability and always work towards accomplishing my goals. Even when things seemed to be impossible, my parents have helped me maintain focus and concentrate on what is important in life.

FH: Aside from wrestling, what do you like to do in your free time?

RB: I will do anything that involves competition. I love winning and I hate losing.

FH: What is your favorite movie?

RB: My all-time favorite movie is
Wedding Crashers. Anything with Will Ferrell or Vince Vaughn is a
must see. Although, Superbad is a close second.

FH: Good luck with the rest of the season.

RB: Thank you.