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Wrestling Team Splits Pair of Duals

12/11/2007 -

MILWAUKEE – The Milwaukee Panthers routed UW-Madison before dropping a dual to Northland Bible Baptist College that came down to the final match.

UW-Madison showed up at the event with just five wrestlers to fill out eleven weight classes. Northland defeated UW-Madison in the first dual of the evening.

In the second dual, UW-Madison held Kevin Joyce (Sr, 184) out of the dual, so they only had four wrestlers facing UW-Milwaukee’s team. Tom Hansen (So, 141) and Chris Vazquez (Fr, 165) won matches for the Panthers, with Vazquez's win coming by fall. Coady Schiltz (So, 157) and Tony Franciosi (Jr, 174) were defeated by their opponents from UW-Madison. UW-Milwaukee picked up six forfeits in the dual.

“It will be an interesting piece of history that my first dual win as a head coach came against UW-Madison,” stated UW-Milwaukee head coach Koy Kosek.

The final dual of the evening featured UW-Milwaukee against Northland Baptist Bible College. Lyndon Johnson (Fr, 125) started off the dual with a bang, netting a pin. Alex Hughes (Fr, 125) followed it up with a pin of his own at 133. Tom Hansen (So, 141) lost in an upset in the next match, but Nick Tadeo (Jr, 149) rebounded with a big win over Jeff South (So, 141) for the Panthers. At 157, Omar Reynoso (Jr, 149) was defeated. Coady Schiltz (Fr, 157) then wrestled up at 165 and won 12-4 to put the team score at 19-7.

“Coady wrestled about the worst match of the night against UW-Madison. After that match, we talked about changing speeds and wrestling to win the match,” Coach Kosek said. “Then Coady came back and wrestled the best match – and, obviously, pins are the best matches when you can get them – but as far as wrestling a sound match strategically for seven full minutes, Coady wrestled the best match of the night. Sometimes, it’s amazing what a couple of adjustments can do.”

Following Coady’s match, Chris Vazquez (Fr, 165) took a forfeit at 174. That set up the biggest match of the night at 184, pitting Darin Kwilinski (Sr, 174) against NBBC’s Aaron Scott (Sr, 174). It was a close match, but Scott prevailed 9-6. Tony Franciosi (Jr, 174) got pinned at 197. UW-Milwaukee withheld Steve Baradic (Fr, 235) from wrestling for precautionary reasons and forfeited the 235- and 285-pound weight classes to give NBBC the win by final score of 28-25.

“I have mixed feelings about the outcome of the duals, and I’m not sure how to describe it,” Coach Kosek offered. “I’m embarrassed that my team isn’t more technically sound. They’ve been doing everything I’ve asked of them, listening well, working hard, and so on and so forth, and so the loss to Northland falls squarely on my shoulders.

“At the same time, this is a non-standard situation. I still have yet to complete my fourth full week as the head coach of this team. Of the nine guys who wrestled for us tonight, five of them had never had any college coaching before I got here less than four weeks ago. So, short of keeping guys at practice until midnight every night, I’m not sure what I could have done.

“With regards to the Northland dual specifically, there’s no question that I could have managed the match-ups in that dual differently,” continued Coach Kosek, assessing his in-meet strategy. “I chose to put Tadeo on South at 149, which didn’t hurt us but could have. I chose to put Kwilinski on Scott at 184, which did hurt us. At 165, Chris may have been more likely to win there – or get more bonus points – but I wanted Coady to get that win, so I chose to put Coady in that match. I’m not upset that I made those decisions, even though they cost us the dual. I will probably never manage a dual like that again, but I made that call because I had to see what I’ve got. We don’t have a competition for six weeks, I’m still acclimating myself to the team, and I had to see how those wrestlers would respond in those specific match situations. I’ve got more here to work with than I had four weeks ago, but whatever we’ve got at the moment, Northland Baptist Bible College beat us fair and square. They are a first class wrestling program.”

Panther wrestlers will next be in action at the NWCA Duals on Jan. 12th and Jan. 13th at the University of Northern Iowa.

Match-by-match results are posted below.

UW-Madison (MAD) vs. Northland Bible Baptist College (NBBC)
125 - Bobby Worthington (NBBC) win by forfeit
133 - Nate Dodgens (NBBC) win by forfeit
141 - Marshall Russell (MAD) over Steve Berg (NBBC), 4-3
149 - Jeff South (NBBC) win by forfeit
157 - Josh Trygstad (NBBC) win by forfeit
165 - Andrew Vogel (MAD) over Ryan Wass (NBBC), Pin 2:08
174 - Nick Koeppen (MAD) win by forfeit
184 - Kevin Joyce (MAD) over Aaron Scott (NBBC), 9-7
197 - Chris O'Reilly (NBBC) over Josh Braun (MAD), Pin 6:02
235 - Ben Lamphere (NBBC) win by forfeit
285 - Dave Doran (NBBC) win by forfeit
UW-Madison - 18, Northland Baptist Bible College - 49

UW-Madison (MAD) vs. UW-Milwaukee (MIL)
125 - Lyndon Johnson (MIL) win by forfeit
133 - Alex Hughes (MIL) win by forfeit
141 - Tom Hansen (MIL) over Marshall Russell (MAD), 5-0
149 - Nick Tadeo (MIL) win by forfeit
157 - Omar Reynoso (MIL) win by forfeit
165 - Andrew Vogel (MAD) over Cody Schiltz (MIL), Pin 6:54
174 - Chris Vazquez (MIL) over Nick Koeppen (MAD), Pin 6:16
184 - Darin Kwilinski (MIL) win by forfeit
197 - Josh Braun (MAD) over Tony Franciosi (MIL), 9-1
235 - Steve Baradic (MIL) win by forfeit
285 - Double forfeit
UW-Madison - 10, UW-Milwaukee - 45

UW-Milwaukee (MIL) vs. Northland Bible Baptist College (NBBC)
125 - Lyndon Johnson (MIL) over Bobby Worthington (NBBC), Pin 0:57
133 - Alex Hughes (MIL) over Nate Dodgens (NBBC), Pin 1:14
141 - Steve Berg (NBBC) over Tom Hansen (MIL), 11-6
149 - Nick Tadeo (MIL) over Jeff South (NBBC), 8-5
157 - Jeff Trygstad (NBBC) over Omar Reynoso (MIL), Major 10-2
165 - Coady Schiltz (MIL) over Ryan Wass (NBBC), Major 12-4
174 - Chris Vazquez (MIL) won by forfeit
184 - Aaron Scott (NBBC) over Darin Kwilinski (MIL), 9-6
197 - Chris O'Reily (NBBC) over Tony Franciosi (MIL), Pin 2:02
235 - Dave Doran (NBBC) won by forfeit
285 - Ben Lamphere (NBBC) won by forfeit
UW-Milwaukee - 25, Northland Baptist Bible College - 28
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