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First University of Georgia National Champion Since 1998

03/20/2014 -

UGA wrestling defies the odds again! As one of the smallest and most underfunded programs in all collegiate wrestling the Georgia wrestling team demonstrates that attitude is everything!
Taking 3 wrestlers to the 2014 National Championships and significantly behind in the new point scoring system that favors the larger more well funded programs as points accrue throughout the season (similar to Nascar) the UGA wrestling team battled its way to the Top 10 out of the nearly 150 NCWA D2 Teams!
Sophmore John Cook, the 149 pound SEC Champion, scored two big wins, including one by pin, to bolster his team and earn the respect of his competitors.
Law Student, Sergio Ardila, the 165 pound SEC runner-up, also won two technical matches to push UGA into the Top 10.
Senior, Paul Ardila, became the first National Champion for UGA since 1998...the first year of the NCWA. In that first year UGA had two Champions, one won a bracket of 5 and the other a bracket of 8. Paul on the other hand was the Champion out of 37 wrestlers including scholarship athletes from NCWA D1 programs and NCAA transitional teams. When you compare the strength of the league now versus 1998 it is obvious how much weight his accomplishment carries. Congratulations to undefeated senior Paul Ardila!
"Thankful for the NCWA and the opportunity it gives honest college students to compete in wrestling while keeping their academic priorities in the forefront" Coach Drew Craver is "looking forward to another season where UGA, the continuous underdawg, will have the chance to compete at the national collegiate level!"