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New National Championship Series to Determine NCWA Champ

08/13/2013 -

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. – The NCWA will merge its two major tournaments into a single championship format to create a new National Championship Series for the 2013-14 postseason. The association’s coaches and Board of Directors approved the changes following three days of meeting at its annual Vision Forum last weekend in conjunction with the national coaches convention.

The move is unique among all other major-college championship sports, and is based upon recommended rule changes being adopted by both the national coaches association and the NCAA Wrestling Committee. The objective is to crown a true overall team champion, adding weight to the national duals tournament while also keeping the hallmark season-ending individual championship tournaments intact.

The coaches and administration also approved an optional, experimental scoring system for the upcoming season, as well as expanding the NCWA’s reach into a proposed collegiate MMA division.

The new Collegiate Cup Duals, formerly known as the NCWA’s National Duals, will open the championship series in Dalton, Ga., from Jan. 24-25, 2014. The top 24 teams in the Collegiate Cup standings will earn points based upon their respective finishes (the champion will receive 24 points, the runner-up 23, and so on to one point for 24th) that will transfer as team points to the start of the NCWA Championships, which return to Allen, Texas, from March 13-15, 2014. All participants in the Collegiate Cup Duals will earn at least one team point regardless of their finish in the Collegiate Cup Duals.

The coaches also approved an optional team scoring system for the upcoming season in which individual match scores are directly reflected in the team scores. In the experimental system, falls, forfeits, disqualifications and injury defaults would earn 15 team points, and forfeits would earn 16. A 10-point spread in the individual match score would signify a technical fall, but both wrestlers would earn their points toward their team’s overall score. All other bout scores would simply be added to the team score.

Here is an example of the experimental, optional team scoring:
Bout Score - Team Score
125: Home 8, Visitor 4 - H 8, V 4
133: Visitor 10, Home 2 - V 14, H 10
141: Home pins Visitor - H 25, V 14
149: Visitor 12, Home 2 (tech fall) - H 27, V 26
157: Visitor 3, Home 2 - tied, 29-29

The representative coaches agreed the revamped scoring system encourages wrestling throughout the match, where all wrestlers contribute to the team even in an individual loss. It also encourages working for points until the end of the bout even with lopsided score, makes falls matter more than ever, makes large rallies by a team possible thereby keeping fans and athletes involved, and the team scoring is easy for fans to understand and follow.

The NCWA Executive Board also approved further study of a proposal to create an extension of the association, the National Collegiate Grappling Association (NCGA), in 2014 that would form programs to provide athletes training, guidance and amateur competition toward careers in MMA. The NCGA, as proposed, would compete during the normal wrestling off-season from April 1 – Sept. 30, 2014.