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Takedown Announces Support for NCAA & NCWA Weight Classes

01/10/2013 -

PALO ALTO, CA. - Takedown™, the first touch-based, full-featured, iPad application to electronically score high school wrestling contests, now supports collegiate matches and is available on the App Store. Released by the developer, LevelChanger, this updated version supports collegiate wrestling rules and weight classes. First available in September 2012, Takedown has been downloaded and installed over 1,200 times.


Takedown introduces support for NCAA and NCWA wrestling rules and weight classes enabling nearly 500 colleges throughout the country to make the move to paperless scoring. Prior to release 1.1, Takedown supported only high school -- National Federation of High Schools (NFHS) -- rules and weight classes.


In addition to collegiate rules support, Takedown now includes an innovative Short-Time Scoring report for helping coaches understand how athletes perform in the final twenty seconds of a period. Performance is measured as the point differential -- points earned minus points given up -- averaged across all periods and is measurable in five second increments from the end of a period. For many coaches, short-time scoring is an key measure of wrestling performance. The Short Time Scoring report is a standard Takedown feature.


The Takedown release 1.1 is available free on the App Store with the ability to score five dual meets or tournaments. After the initial five free events, Takedown can be purchased for \$39.99 and contains ten additional events. More events can be purchased within the app for slightly less than \$1.00 per event. Takedown is compatible with iOS 5.0 or higher.


LevelChanger was founded by a trio of wrestling enthusiasts and coaches. The company develops applications for the benefit of the scholastic wrestling community, including coaches, scorekeepers, athletes, parents, fans and media. Takedown, installed on over 1,200 iPads in forty five states and Europe (DOD), is LevelChanger’s first product.

LevelChanger and Takedown are trademarks of LevelChanger, LLC.


For More Information:
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