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West Chester Wins Mid-East Conference, sends 9 to Nationals

02/28/2012 -

On Saturday 2/25/2012, Valley Forge Military Academy and College hosted the NCWA Mid-East conference championships. On the line was the chance to attend the NCWA Nationals, held this year in Daytona Beach, FL. Eleven teams competed on the day, with West Chester University taking home the team championship with 124 points. Joe Miller, head coach of West Chester, also took home the coach of the year. The race for second was close as Penn State DuBois edged out Rutgers 79-75. Also, Derek Leiby of PCT took home the Outstanding Wrestler Award.

The top three placers in each weight class (along with some potential Wild Cards) qualify for the NCWA Nationals. Check back for results from Daytona Beach.

NCWA MEC Places 2011-2012

1 John Dickson WCU
2 Nick Bogacki PSU-D

1 Joey Bonaduce WCU
2 Jonathan Dempsey LAF
3 Jason Mandragona WCU

1 Luke Bilyeu WCU
2 Garrett Zarecky PSU-D
3 Mark Stillerman BA

1 Derek Leiby PCT
2 Abe Ayala BA
3 David Buckley RUT

1 Shane Alterio PSU-D
2 Tyler Myers PCT
3 Chadd Baribault WCU

1 Dustin Tancredi WCU
2 Nick Cassar RUT
3 Nickolas Endres SRU

1 Petar Tachev RUT
2 Logan Gresock PCT
3 Stephen Terwilliger PSU-D

1 Travis Mallo USMAPS
2 Myles Tometta WCU
3 Paul Crutchlow PCT

1 Bryce Barnes USMAPS
2 Chris Lloyd RUT
3 Chris Okolo PSU-D

1 Austin Schafer USMAPS
2 Tom Dwyer WCU
3 Ryan Kreppel WCU

1 Randy Keehn WT
2 Christopher Minarchik PSU
3 Mark Lawrence RUT