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Alumni Association - A Message from the NCWA Executive Director

12/29/2011 -

I pray all of you experienced a Merry Christmas with friends and family and are looking with hope and enthusiasm into the new year.
I want to take this opportunity to thank our Current Active Wrestling Alumni for their dedication and support of the NCWA and the still very young Alumni Association.
Active support of the Wrestling Alumni Association through a monthly gift is invaluable as we seek a leader to direct the Association.
We have accumulated over \$3,000 in the Associations Account and will be attempting to hire a part-time director this coming year to actively coordinate Alumni activities including:
The Hall of fame Nominations & awards, Alumni Monthly News Letters, Alumni Communications Website, National Duals & National Championship Alumni Coordination,
Alumni Job Search, Alumni Location and involvement and lots more.
It is an enormous task, locating and calling the over 15,000 wrestlers that have been involved with the NCWA since 1997 but we know they are out there and we know that many are currently involved in wrestling because of their college wrestling experience. NCWA Alumni currently serve as coaches in youth, high school and college programs, as well as now becoming parents with sons and daughters that are carrying on the families wrestling traditions. We would love to hear your story.
We encourage all past NCWA athletes to consider active membership in the Alumni Association. If a small gift of \$5, \$7.50 or \$10 monthly is beyond your capability right now You can still make a difference. You can help by forwarding us information on how to locate other lost alumni, as well as attempting to attend one or more NCWA Wrestling events this season. NCWA Works because hundreds of Volunteers Nationwide have decided to give back in support of those that provided them an opportunity in college. If you are already an active alumni, THANK YOU!. if not, I hope you consider joining us in making a difference for future generations. To Join the Alumni Association Please click here: http://www.ncwa.net/files/NCWA-Alumni-Membership.pdf

Thank you
Jim Giunta
NCWA Executive Director