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NCWA Insurance Coverage's

Liability Insurance

Event Coverage

Events Hosted on the campus of NCWA member institutions are covered for 1,000,000 of Liability insurance.

Other Insured Coverage

Liability Coverage for events, practice or meetings held anywhere other than the covered NCWA institution must apply for as "Other Insured Coverage" on a per event basis. The insurer may charge an additional fee for this coverage. Contact the NCWA / Jim Giunta for specifics on this situation.

Secondary Injury Insurance

The National Collegiate Wrestling Association Supplies participating athletes individual Secondary Injury Coverage of $10,000 to each athlete that is properly Registered and Cleared for Competition. Coverage for covered athletes begins each season after the Institution applies for and is granted membership in the NCWA. Through the finals of the NCWA National Championships in March of each year. No Coverage is afforded during the off Season.

Individuals applying for an injury claim must File a Claim within 90 Days of Injury for the claim to be valid.